GELLUX Gel Nail Polish in Crawley

Gellux gel nail polishGELLUX Gel Nail Polish in Crawley
Gellux is a fantastic new soak-off product offering colour in a gel.  It is applied like a polish onto your OWN nails, yet has the strength of a hardened gel. Gellux Nails are maintenance free lasting for  up to 3 weeks, possibly more. It also stays super-shiny, just as it was when first applied! This is no ordinary manicure treatment.  It will give you a permanent nail colour lasting up to 3 times longer than your usual polish & is suitable for everyone.   It does not chip, peel, crack or smudge, leaving a flawless finish that soaks off in just 15 minutes.

Who & what is it good for…?
Gellux gel nail Polish is ideal for anyone who is looking for something a little bit special, is having difficulties growing their own nails due to nail weakness, splitting, etc, or is having their acrylic nail enhancements removed & needs help strengthening & protecting their own natural nails.  Gellux is especially good for nail biters, as it hampers nail biting, allowing your nails to grow whilst nourishing the natural nail.
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How much does it cost…?
FREE Ear Piercing when you spend £35 or more on beauty treatments (state when booking your treatment) 

Gel Polish ONLY without file – ONLY £15
File & Gel Polish – ONLY £20
File & Gel Polish PLUS Nail reshape – ONLY £25
French Gel Polish – Add £5

Soak off & File – ONLY £10 – 30 minutes (WITH Gellux re-do ONLY £5)
Soak off with File & OPI Polish – ONLY £20

Gel Polish ONLY without file – ONLY £17
File & Gel Polish – ONLY £22
File & Gel Polish PLUS Nail reshape – ONLY £28
French Gel Polish – Add £5

Soak off & File – ONLY £10 – 30 minutes (WITH Gellux re-do ONLY £5)
Soak off with File & OPI Polish – ONLY £25

How do I book an appointment…?
To book an appointment, please text or call Denise directly on 07947 388604

Treatments mobile or undertaken at our Home Beauty Salon at 10 Oak Way, Northgate, Crawley RH10 8HZ


Acrylic nails had left my natural nails so soft, cracked & extremely weak, that they would quite literally rip off when doing something as simple as doing up a zip.  As fast as they were growing I would have to file them down, as they would tear off or split even more. They looked awful.

I decided to give Gellux a go to see if it would help strengthen them.  The Gellux was applied like ordinary nail polish & straight away I looked as if I had decent nails again!

When I returned 2 weeks later to have them re-applied, I was shocked to see how much they had grown – there was at least 2mm of white nail growth & they felt a lot stronger too.  

When I returned again another 2 weeks later, they had grown so long that they actually looked like false nails!  In a total of just over 4 weeks, my nails had grown extraordinarily well & and they are now so much stronger than they were before. They haven’t chipped or peeled & they are just as shiny on the last day as they were on the first – I absolutely LOVE my new Gellux nails!!

Thank you Fit Me Gorgeous!

Jackie, Crawley
September 2012



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