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Learn to love yourself for who & what you are…

What is Fit Me Gorgeous all about?
Fit Me Gorgeous is a home Beauty Salon based in Crawley.  My many years experience of working with people with various body issues & weight issues has taught me so much about people’s self-perception.  I have seen the results both mentally & physically of surgical enhancement & natural enhancement, to bodies of all shapes & sizes.  And what stands out above all else, is the natural beauty. The natural beauty that has learnt to love herself for who & what she is.  It simply radiates outwards from within – surgical enhancement just cannot do that!
Which is why I believe in working with the body & the face you already have

Learning to love & respect what you were born with is the key to lasting happiness.  Our own individual outlook is the biggest obstacle to loving ourselves.  Telling yourself you are not attractive will undoubtedly crush your self-belief.
The natural approach to beauty is by far the best way to enhance your looks & it will last you a lifetime, if you look after yourself.  Plus it’s a whole lot cheaper too! 

Each & every one of you should find time to relax & pamper yourselves, because doing so helps you love & appreciate the real value of YOU!
When you feel as if you have been treated, you automatically feel a nice warm glow inside, which in-turn helps you be a little kinder to yourself – especially when you look in the mirror.
Our Fit Me Gorgeous Home Beauty Salon in Crawley is about getting you beautifully fit – inside & out!

FITDEN Fit Me Gorgeous Home Beauty Salon is based at 10 Oak Way, Northgate, Crawley RH10 8HZ

‘What sets Fit Me Gorgeous apart from other Holistic Therapists is many years experience working as a Sports Massage Therapist & Health & Fitness Specialist.  My in-depth training in Physiology & Anatomy, will ensure your massage is not only very effective, but also very safe from risk of injury.’ FITDEN

FITDEN S.A.C.Dip MSMA REP’s Specialist Salon Gold Insurance
Fit Me Gorgeous Beauty Salon Crawley
Home Fit Me Gorgeous Beauty Salon Crawley

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