Sports (Deep Tissue) Massage in Crawley

sports massage
Sports (Deep Tissue) Massage in Crawley
Sports Massage, also known as Deep Tissue Massage, should play an important part in the life of any sportsman or woman whether they are injured or not.
Massage has a number of benefits which can be physical, physiological & psychological.

What is Sports (Deep Tissue) Massage good for…?
• Reduces the effects of stress – can lower Blood Pressure
• Relaxes tense, tired & aching muscles & relieves cramps & muscle spasms
• Increases blood circulation – can improve nerve function
• Decreases chronic pain – speeds up recovery from illness & injury
• Reduces tension headaches & can help relieve symptoms of migraine
• Improves skin tone & enhances self-image
• Helps improve quality of sleep & concentration – reduces anxiety

Why is Sports (Deep Tissue) Massage important…?
• maintains the body generally in better condition
• helps prevent injury & loss of mobility
• helps restore mobility to injured muscle tissue
• may boost performance & extend the overall life of your sporting career
• excellent for reducing back pain & general relaxation

How is Sports (Deep Tissue) Massage different to other types of massage…?
As a therapist I may apply the techniques more firmly & deeper than a general holistic massage therapist might.  I may also make more use of friction techniques, which involves applying deep pressure to tissues repeatedly, to break down adhesions (sticky bits on tendons) & soften any scar tissue.
Some sports (deep tissue) massage techniques are designed to reduce an injury back to its acute stage in order to trigger the bodies natural healing response.

How much does a Sports (Deep Tissue) Massage in Crawley cost…?
45 Minute Sports Massage ONLY £35
25 Minute Sports Massage ONLY £20

How do I book an appointment…?
Text or call Denise 07947 388604

Treatments mobile or undertaken at our Home Beauty Salon at 10 Oak Way, Northgate, Crawley RH10 8HZ

Early this year I had begun to feel truly awful!!  I was suffering with lots of intense headaches, which were lasting for long periods of time.  I had made numerous trips to the doctors for a wide range of painkillers but no relief.
Denise suggested I try a Sports (Deep Tissue) Massage to relieve tension in my neck & shoulders & I can honestly say that after the very first session I felt amazing – like someone had literally unlocked my shoulder blades!  After a few more sessions I was completely headache free & needed no painkillers at all.  I am so grateful to Denise for helping me to feel better… :o))
I am a truly dedicated Fitden fan having attended Zumba, Bootcamp & Fight Club! Denise is professional, welcoming, fun to be around & her advice & help has been invaluable to me.

Cherie Jupp – Part-time Teacher & Full-time Mum
Crawley, West Sussex
October 2012

‘My expertise & experience as a Sports Massage Therapist & as an Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist, means I have undergone intensive Anatomy & Physiology Training over the course of many years.  This will ensure you have a very safe & effective massage, without having to worry about any risk of injury

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