Waxing in Crawley


Waxing in Crawley
Waxing is a method of removing unwanted body hair & facial hair from the root. The benefit of waxing is that new hairs will not grow back in the waxed area for up to three to eight weeks. With repeated waxing, new hair growth in the waxed area is soft & fine & hair re-growth is less common & eventually may cease.  We wax both men & women, including intimate waxing.

Our standard waxing treatments use warm (strip) wax.  We also offer hot waxing treatments for more intricate areas, such as eyebrows, top lip & intimate waxing.




How much does it cost…?
FULL Leg Wax – from £30
3/4 Leg Wax – from £23
HALF Leg Wax – from £18
Underarm Wax – from £8
Full Arm Wax – from £22
Forearm Wax – from £12
Eyebrow Wax – £7
Upper Lip/Chin Wax – £6
Nose Wax – from £10
Ear Wax – from £10
Forehead Wax – from £6
Both sides of face (cheeks) – from £20
Whole of face – from £30
WHOLE BODY Wax – from £100 (does not include facial waxing)
Depending on hair growth/type

BIKINI – from £12
PLAYBOY – from £18
BRAZILIAN – from £25
HOLLYWOOD – from £27
Depending on hair growth/type

Chest Wax – from £10
Abdominals – from £10
HALF Back Wax – from £10
FULL Back Wax – from £20
Shoulder Wax – from £5

FULL Leg Wax – from £35
3/4 Leg Wax – from £25
HALF Leg Wax – from £20
Underarm Wax – from £10
Full Arm Wax – from £25
Forearm Wax – from £15
Eyebrow Wax – from £8
Nose Wax – from £10
Ear Wax – from £10
WHOLE BODY Wax – from £160 (does not include facial hair)
Depending on hair growth/type

Speedo Line – from £20
Male Brazilian – from £35 everything from crack & front except for a small area of pubic hair at front
Male Hollywood – from £35 as above, but with nothing left at the front
Butt Wax – from £5
HALF Back, Sack & Crack – from £45
FULL Back, Sack & Crack – from £55
Depending on hair growth/type

KIDS WAXING Age 11 – 13 years
HALF Leg Wax – ONLY £12
Underarm Wax – ONLY £6
Eyebrow Wax – ONLY £4

How do I book an appointment…?
Call or text Denise 07947 388604

Treatments mobile or undertaken at our Home Beauty Salon at 10 Oak Way, Northgate, Crawley RH10 8HZ *Mens waxing treatments carried out at our home salon only

PLEASE ENSURE your personal hygiene is of a high standard.
Your pain threshold is at is lowest during Menstruation, therefore, it is not recommended you undergo a waxing treatment during your Menstrual Cycle.
Lack of sleep & excess alcohol the night before your waxing is not recommended.
Your hair should be around 1/2 of an inch long in order for the wax to grip effectively. If your hair is too long, your waxing experience will be more uncomfortable.  Trim hair if necessary.
Make sure the skin is clean & there is no broken skin, scratches or bruises.
Start to exfoliate a few days before your waxing appointment.

The treated area will be slightly tender for 12 hours or so.  You may notice some redness of the skin & have occassional tiny red blood spots.  Don’t worry as this is completely normal.
PLEASE NOTE – it is recommended you avoid hot baths, sunbeds, saunas, swimming, perfumed products (such as body lotion, shower gel, deodorants, etc) for 24 hours following any waxing or threading treatment.  Remember to exfoliate after 24 hours has passed & thereafter on a regular basis.

Intimate waxing is usually done using a hot wax as it is much kinder to sensitive areas.
*For Brazilian or Hollywood, you will be required to remove your underwear to enable a full wax.

BIKINI WAX includes hair to the side of bikini/knicker line
PLAYBOY WAX same as bikini wax, but includes hair closer to the labia
includes hair between butt cheeks (optional)  & the inner/outer labia, just leaving a landing strip
HOLLYWOOD WAX complete removal of hair between butt cheeks, inner/outer labia, all pubic hair

1 – Please ENSURE you have at least 3-4 weeks hair growth prior to your appointment.  If you have never been waxed before or haven’t waxed recently, please trim pubic hair to approx 1/2 of an inch to make your waxing experience more comfortable for you.

2 – We CANNOT carry out Brazilian or Hollywood Wax if you are on your period

3 – Please ENSURE your personal hygiene is of a high standard



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