Natural Lift Facial Massage in Crawley

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Natural Lift Facial Massage in Crawley
This invigorating facial massage does exactly as it says it will do, it will give your face a natural ‘lift’.  The Natural Lift Facial Massage stimulates blood circulation, improving Lymphatic drainage, in-turn encouraging the nourishment of the skin cells.  It will tone, lift & re-educate the facial muscles, softening any fine lines & wrinkles.  

This unique form of massage works in harmony with the body’s natural defences, improving skin tissue & encouraging healing, such as acne scarring, sun damage, dry/dehydrated skin & recent scar tissue.

What else is it good for…?
This amazing treatment is like an Acupuncture Face Lift using a special combination of massage techniques from India (Ayurvedic) & Japan (Anma).  The intent of this natural uplifting facial is to prevent 
& reduce tension, facial wrinkles & age spots.  It will improve the complexion by stimulating the circulation, releasing toxins from the facial area.

How much does it cost…?

45 minute Natural Lift Facial Massage ONLY £35

25 minute EXPRESS Natural Lift Facial Massage ONLY £20

How do I book an appointment…?

To book please text or call Denise directly on 07947 388604

Natural Lift Facial Massage is held at our Home Beauty Salon based at 10 Oak Way, Northgate, Crawley RH10 8HZ


‘What sets Fit Me Gorgeous apart from other Holistic Therapists is many years experience working as a Sports Massage Therapist & Health & Fitness Specialist.  My in-depth training in Physiology & Anatomy, will ensure your massage is not only very effective, but also very safe from risk of injury.’ FITDEN


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